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About Us

Bigfix Servicer is a startup that qualifies in various categories such as circular economy, sustainability, right to repair, consumer tech, retail tech, social impact, and job creation.

Bigfix Assure, is a comprehensive ecosystem of apps that includes...

Bigfix Vault

Keep your home and office devices safe with protection and trusted local servicers. Create a repository today!

Bigfix Repair

Book nearby technicians for installation and repairs, pay as you go. Easy and convenient.

Bigfix 4Biz

Manufacturers, get verified technicians for after-sales warranty installations. Reliable and hassle-free.

Bigfix Merchant

Sell protection plans with product sales and post-claim orders on behalf of customers. Earn income.

Our years of experience in sourcing and executing over 200,000 transactions have given us a unique edge in the industry.


Bigfix Servicer offers repair centers a plethora of features to help them streamline their operations and provide seamless service to their customers. Our app is designed to help repair centers manage their repairs, inventory, and finances efficiently. Some of our key features include

Quick KYC onboarding

Our platform offers a seamless KYC process, ensuring that repair centers can sign up quickly and start using our services in no time.

Dynamic dashboard

Our app provides a dynamic dashboard that allows repair centers to view and manage their operations from a single interface.

Lead bank

Our platform offers a lead bank that connects repair centers with customers in need of their services.

Repair management

Repair centers can use our app to manage their repairs, track progress, and communicate with customers.

Device documents

Our app allows repair centers to upload device documents, including pictures and videos, to help them diagnose and repair devices more efficiently.

Diagnostic reports

Our app generates diagnostic reports to help repair centers diagnose and fix issues accurately.


Joining the Bigfix Servicer network comes with numerous advantages. Some of these advantages include

  • Real time repair opportunities
  • Access to a curated pan India network of digitally transformed servicers, including brand authorized and private service centers.
  • Seamless service delivery through our easy-to-use app
  • Quick KYC onboarding, allowing repair centers to sign up quickly and start using our services.
  • Integration with authentication, messaging, and payments APIs, ensuring a seamless experience for repair centers and their customers.
  • Business analytics reports that provide insights into operations, enabling repair centers to make data-driven decisions.

Partnership Plans

Bigfix Servicer offers repair centers various subscription plans to choose from. Our plans are tailored to meet the needs of repair centers of all sizes. Our pricing is competitive, and we offer a 30-day free trial to new subscribers.

Servicer Gig

Freelance Technician

25% / Order

  • No of user: 1
  • Online Orders
  • Manage Orders
  • GST Invoice
  • Technician App
  • Repair Management
  • Warranty Packs
  • Buyback Support
  • Analytics

Servicer GSP

General Servicer

20% / Order

  • No of user: 5
  • Online + Retail Business
  • Manage Orders
  • Microsite
  • Repair Management
  • GST Invoice
  • Buyback Support
  • Technician App
  • Warranty Packs

Servicer ASP

Authorized Servicer

15% / Order

  • No of user: 10
  • Online + Retail Business
  • Manage Orders
  • Microsite
  • Repair Management
  • GST Invoice
  • Technician Management
  • Technician App
  • Analytics


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Leads Executed


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Here are some testimonials from repair centers that have joined the Bigfix Servicer network

Bigfix has supported our business for the past couple of years, even during covid times when things looked bleak. We hope the alliance continues to grow stronger.

Anil Niture

Krishna Telecom - Hyderabad

We were gifted by Bigfix with a strong lead bank along with a wonderful tool to organize and elevate our business.

Sathish Kumar

Fenix Mobiles - Tirupur

As a freelancer, Bigfix provided me with the best support to upskill myself and a steady revenue channel.


Gig Servicer - Coimbatore

Bigfix Servicer has transformed the way we manage our repair orders. The app is easy to use, and the lead bank has increased our visibility, resulting in more repair orders

Jinendra G Oswal

Oswal Services - Pune

Since subscribing to Bigfix Servicer, our repair management has become more efficient, reducing our turnaround time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Jasveer Singh

Universal Telecom - Delhi